About us

Neighbourhood restaurant De Duindoorn, as part of Wijkbedrijf Selwerd, is working for and with residents of the neighbourhood. De Duindoorn is a place in the neighbourhood where residents can go to develop themselves, each other and the neighbourhood. De Duindoorn is a meeting place and a place to participate by being socially active as a volunteer, learning or showing involvement with a participation job. Steps can also be taken towards training, paid work and entrepreneurship. There is room to experiment and develop yourself. De Duindoorn offers a safe place in which everyone can participate at their own pace.

Restaurant De Duindoorn is a recognized training company.


The neighbourhood restaurant is located in student flat Dragant. There are 314 students living in the building. The flat was renovated a few years ago by housing corporation Lefier. Lefier has made the communal ground floor space available as a neighbourhood restaurant. De Duindoorn is a meeting place for students, a place to study (together) and it provides the opportunity to enjoy a nice meal. It is therefore an extension, a second living room, of the studios for the inhabitants of the building.


Neighbourhood restaurant De Duindoorn is located in the Selwerd district. In the year 0 people already lived in the area that is now called Selwerd. Later it belonged to the Diocese of Utrecht.

The head of the Monastery of Ruinen in Drenthe bought a piece of land here in Selwerd in 1169. This led to the construction of a monastery of the order of the Benedictine. This monastery existed from 1207 and was located behind the current Selwerderhof cemetery. A castle was also built in what now is called Selwerd. Due to various wars, including the Eighty Years War, the buildings were demolished in the 16th century.

The area has had different names over the centuries. In ancient charters this area is mentioned as Zelewerth, Seleworde, Selwrt, Zylewe, Syloe and Selwert.